The UNICORE CIS is an information service which captures information about the location, storage, compute. as well as running jobs from a unicore site in OGF GLUE 2.0 format. The site information can be viewed either on a Web browser (with specific address) or console through CIS's command line UCC commands. For the detailed information configuration options, please refer to the user manual.


  • Query and publish general UNICORE/X's site information
  • Plotting sites on Google Maps application
  • Allow to list site information in plain text as well as in GLUE 2.0 XML format

    Moreover, on the command line the CIS's UCC commands can:

  • Query the site information
  • Manage information providers

Prerequisites for using UCC

  • Java 6 (or later) runtime environment or SDK
  • Common Information Provider (CIP) based on UNICORE 6.4 Grid